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CA6DL6 series diesel engine

CA6DL6 adopts an independent electronically controlled fuel system and asymmetric supercharging system, inheriting the quality of Aowei, and its economy, power and reliability have been significantly improved, focusing on supporting lightweight tractors, cargo and dump trucks.


The main technical parameters

Five characteristics of high possibility, low fuel consumption, high efficiency, low maintenance, and high power are industry-leading

CA6DL6 series diesel engine

Rated power/speedPs/r/min310/1900340/1900360/1900380/1900
Max torque/speedN·m/r/min1400/1200-15001600/1200-15001750/1200-15001750/1200-1500
External Characteristics Minimum Fuel Consumption Rateg/kW·h186


Emission route

Super long life

Laser welded steel piston is suitable for 220bar high burst pressure, high heat load environment, long service time, more work and more money.

Safety leading

Independent innovation of compression-release fixed-chain engine braking technology, breaking the monopoly of international suppliers' patented technology, the technology has reached the domestic leading level, ensuring the user's driving safety, and at the same time saving the cost of brake pad wear, saving is earned.


Compared with the original 6DL3 model, the new 9L model has a maximum power increase of 7% to 380Ps, and a maximum torque increase of 10% to 1750N.m. The power performance is significantly improved, and the acceleration is more powerful; the low-speed torque is increased by 10% to 1100N.m, making it easier to start.

Efficient and fuel efficient

The FCCS distributed combustion technology increases the effective thermal efficiency of the engine by 1% to more than 45%, and reduces the fuel consumption of the engine by 3%, which is at the leading level in the industry.

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