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[Dump Truck]Cab Over Engine Truck 6x4 Common Site

Working ConditionMulti-slope site/common site
Chassis ModelCA3250P66K2L0BT1AE4(EuroIV)
Drive System6×4
Tare Weight(kg)12145/12185
Rated Load(kg)12030/11990
Outline Dimension(mm)8158~9250×2500×3680
Body Internal Dimension(mm)5400~6800×2300×1172/1034
Engine ModelCA6DL2-31/35E4U2
Engine Power(Hp)310/350
Drive axleФ300 Casting Axle and Round Edge Deceleration Bridge (5.921)
Tire 12.00R20-18
Wheel base(mm)3800/ 4050+1350
Wheel Track(mm)2020 / 1840/1840
Top speed(km/h)85
Others Informationair exhaust brake, air conditioner
Upper PartsStructuresCarriage With U-shaped or channel-shaped, one single door or triple doors(only channel-shaped)

Plate Dimension10mm bottom,8mm side(16Mn)

Lifting Mechanismfront lifting

Oil CylinderΦ180 /Φ157( Hyva)
Recommended chassis modelsB031H384M1MB632A  B031H384R1TB631AE B031H404R1TB704AE

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